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The world’s leading AI-powered physician enablement platform.
An image showing Counterpart Assistant is embedded and used within an EHR.
Counterpart Assistant

Proven results.

Counterpart Assistant was incubated by Clover Health as Clover Assistant and has helped improve plan performance and clinical outcomes for Medicare members through proprietary AI technology.

An image showing over 1000 basis points of MCR improvement for returning members whose PCPs use Counterpart Assistant.

Learn how clinicians in Clover Health's network have leveraged Counterpart

Data-driven insights

A comprehensive patient picture through data from 100+ sources
Data-driven insights

Proprietary models

AI-driven personalized insights through patented, industry-leading technology with 100+ machine learning models in active use
Proprietary models

Dynamically prioritized actions

Supporting earlier identification and management of chronic conditions by surfacing insights at the point of care
Dynamically prioritized actions

Realize results

Cost management and accurate risk adjustment along with quality performance improvement
Realize results

Solutions for Payors,
ACOs, Practices, and VBC Enablers

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Ascend Medical
Vanguard Health Systems
Health Tap
Clover Health
Duke Connected Care
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Join the thousands of practitioners already using Counterpart Health solutions.

  • Integrations with leading EHRs and a web-based application
  • Simple implementations and onboarding, with minimal resources or training required
  • Flexible solutions and partnership models, with value-based care and clinical transformation advisory services available
  • Differentiated technology, with patents like “Machine Learning for Diagnosis Suspecting” and “Prospective Medication Fillings Management”
¹ Experience of one MA plan² Graphic reflects interface of proposed future product release³ For more details, see the Clover Assistant Use and Diagnosis, Treatment, and Progression of Diabetes whitepaper⁴ Abstract representation of CA's potential to improve cost management; the chart is not intended to represent actual results.
The practitioners featured in the testimonial video above are actual users of Counterpart Assistant (known as Clover Assistant within the Clover Health network). They have been compensated for their time in participating in the video. The opinions and views expressed by these individuals are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Counterpart Health. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. None of the third-party brands, trademarks, and/or logos displayed in the video are owned or affiliated with Counterpart Health or Clover Health, and their appearance does not imply any endorsement or affiliation.
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